July 15, 2016 - January 28, 2018

100 OBJECTS. Berlin during the Cold War

After World War II, Berlin the former imperial capital, lay in ruins. Germany no longer existed as a country; the occupying Allies took over the task of government. The city of Berlin was divided into four sectors. Soon after, the Cold War broke out – the confrontation between the western powers, led by the USA, and the eastern bloc states answering to the Soviet Union. Time and again, the focus of those disputes was Berlin. It was here that the local, national, and worldwide dimensions of the global conflict intersected.

The exhibition “100 OBJECTS. Berlin during the Cold War” draws from the Allied Museum’s extensive permanent collection. The objects in the collection provide for a variety of perspectives on events in Berlin, seen through the eyes of the Americans, British, or French – as well as Germans from both east and west. We have selected 100 objects for the exhibition that not only provide a narrative of Cold War Berlin, but tell a story above and beyond that, both national and global. Together, the seemingly commonplace, everyday items create a multi-faceted picture of the era. And with that, the exhibition illustrates the often decisive role that Berlin played during the Cold War.

“100 OBJECTS. Berlin during the Cold War” ranges beyond the temporary exhibition space of the Allied Museum. About one-quarter of the exhibits can be viewed in the permanent exhibition or on the museum grounds. These have been identified as part of the temporary exhibition. The accompanying brochure tells the stories behind each object. In addition, while the exhibition is in place, the Allied Museum tour program will offer interactive guided tours geared toward specific target audiences. The goal of the exhibition is to awaken appreciation for the importance of the museum and its collection to the history of Berlin within the context of the Cold War.

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