July 1, 2015 - August 30, 2015

Traveling exhibition “Routes of Liberation: European Legacies of the Second World War.“

To commemorate the end of World War II and the entry of American, British and French troops into Berlin at the beginning of July 1945, the Allied Museum presents the European traveling exhibition “Routes of Liberation: European Legacies of the Second World War.“ The multimedia exhibition looks at the end of the war in 1945 and its consequences from various national perspectives in order to underline the significance for the European continent of the greatest armed conflict in human history.

The exhibition focuses on the Allied route to the liberation of Europe from Nazi domination in 1944 and 1945. Perceptions of the final two years of the war varied widely according to specific national perspectives: While the countries of Western Europe were liberated one-by-one after the landing of American, British and Commonwealth troops in Normandy, the war came to Germany. The Red Army advanced in Eastern Europe, and Communist dictatorships were established in its wake. Sixteen selected biographies of civilians and military figures from various nations help to illustrate the various points of view. 

Institutions from the Netherlands, France, Britain, Poland and Germany have participated in the presentation. Berlin’s Allied Museum is the only museum in Germany to serve as an official partner of the exhibition ”Routes of Liberation,“ which is under the patronage of the president of the EU Parliament Martin Schulz.

The institution behind the exhibition is the Liberation Route Europe Foundation (LREF) based in Elst, Holland. Its more than sixty international partners are working to establish the historic route taken by the Allies in 1944/45 as a cross-border, European historical route. The historical contents and offerings for tourist along the route can be retrieved on the website www.liberationroute.com.

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Einrichtungen aus den Niederlanden, Frankreich, Großbritannien, Polen und Deutschland haben an der Präsentation mitgewirkt. Das Berliner AlliiertenMuseum ist als einziges Museum aus Deutschland offizieller Partner der Ausstellung „Routes of Liberation“, die unter der Schirmherrschaft des EU-Parlamentspräsidenten Martin Schulz steht.

Hinter der Ausstellung steht die Liberation Route Europe Foundation (LREF) mit Sitz im niederländischen Elst. Ihre mehr als sechzig internationalen Partner arbeiten daran, die historische Route der Alliierten von 1944/45 als grenzüberschreitenden, europäischen Geschichtspfad zu etablieren. Die historischen Inhalte und touristischen Angebote entlang der Route können auf der Internetseite www.liberationroute.com  abgerufen werden.

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