When Chocolate Rained Down from the Skies

We take school classes (Grades 4 and up) on a journey of discovery to postwar Berlin. The tour of the permanent exhibition will focus on everyday life and the Berlin Airlift.

The pupils will become acquainted with the Western occupying powers. They learn how much a sack of coal from the Airlift period actually weighed, and how Berlin children lived right after World War II, with frequent connections to the children’s own life experience.

Highlights of the tour are the story of the “chocolate pilot” Gail S. Halvorsen and an inside tour of a British Hastings TG 503 airplane used in the Airlift.

“Chocolate parachutes” arts and crafts workshop

After the tour, children can make their own “chocolate parachutes” and have them dropped from the Airlift plane.

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