Stories from cold war Hotspots

Speak about the Cold War!

Did the Cold War influence your life or the lives of the people around you?

Do you believe that the “new” Cold War could impact you or the people around you in future?

Tell us your story in our video booth and become part of an international project. This cooperation is also aimed at people who were born after 1990.

About the project:

“Stories from Cold War Hotspots” is an international project that aims to collect stories, memories and thoughts about the Cold War. The project is an invitation to the public at large – please tell us about your memories of a historical epoch that impacted all of us and the societies we live in in a very special way. Share your personal experiences and thoughts with us to give us a clearer and sharper picture of the Cold War so that we can better understand its meaning.

“Stories from Cold War Hotspots” is a joint project of several museums in Norway, Estonia, Germany, Denmark and Scotland. The collected contributions from the video booth will flow into the continuing research on the Cold War, which shaped Europe in the past and still influences the present.

Opening times of the Allied Museum’s video booth:

22-27 August, 5-9 September, 26-30 September

from 11 am – 4 pm

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