September 21, 2022 - May 29, 2023

A Mu­seum In­spired by Free­dom

A Tempo­rary Ex­hibi­tion at Clayallee

The Allied Museum is planning its refoundation in Hangar 7 of the former Tempelhof Airport. No chapter of recent history seems more current than the clash of systems between East and West. The New Allied Museum thus aims to convey the history of postwar German democracy under Cold War conditions to a broad international public and new generations. The presentation of fascinating large-scale objects like a British “raisin bomber” or an American helicopter, in conjunction with modern media and a dramatic structure, will ensure visitors to the Museum have a unique experience.

We present this unusual museum project to a broad public also emphasizing its relevance for the present. To engage in an even more direct dialogue with museumgoers as well as museum professionals, the presentation at Clayallee will be accompanied by events of various types.

In this video, Allied Museum director Dr. Jürgen Lillteicher describes the plans for the future museum at Tempelhof airport.

Past Tempo­rary Ex­hibi­tions

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