October 24, 2010 - January 5, 2011

REVISITED – Allied Sites in Berlin

On September 24, 2010 the Allied Museum will be opening its new temporary exhibition “REVISITED – Allied Sites in Berlin” and invites you to take a very special kind of virtual stroll through the city. We will be rediscovering fifteen properties that formerly belonged to the Western powers. The presentation will focus on recent, large-scale architectural photos.

Sixteen years after the withdrawal of the Western powers from Berlin, the exhibition reminds us of the remaining traces of the Allies in the city. Some of these locations have “disappeared,” while others have scarcely changed at all. Most of them perform a similar function today as they did in the past. The signs and symbols of their previous history remain legible. A previous history, by the way, that began long before the arrival of the occupation troops in 1945.

Mila Hacke, an architectural photographer in Berlin, has visited and photographed these places for the Allied Museum. Historic photos, site maps, texts, and selected original objects from the Museum collection illustrate and explain the use of the sites by the Allies as well as today.

The sites include the prison for war criminals in Spandau, the Quartier Napoleon, British military headquarters at the Olympic Stadium, Ruhleben Fighting City, Clay Headquarters, and the listening station on the Teufelsberg.

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